Flipped:Difference between love and fondness


Unique story-telling style

Not many movies dare to use this kind of storytelling –at least not in Hollywood. I do not know what the technical term of this storytelling is but I assume it would be something like a duo-narrative style. I have seen this style used in those famous movies like Gone Girl, but that is mainly because the movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name and the book is written that way.

And here again, Flipped (the movie) is an adaptation of the book ‘Flipped’ with a he-said-she-said style (Flipped). The story’s main point would be about the different perspective between the two protagonists, Juli Baker and Bryce Loski. They clearly have different lives and different thoughts on everything. As the movie progresses, we will see that both of them started to understand each other bits by bits.

Love or fondness?

Juli has always believed that Bryce is her love at first site. Ever since the first day she saw him, she spends every day obsessing over him and thinking that he would eventually be her first kiss.


That is some messed up thinking, isn’t it? The theory that says guys would ignore you or bully you because they are just shy. I don’t know how that theory got into so many girls’ head. So many wasted feelings due to that belief. When the truth is if a guy is truly interested in you, he will put effort to make you notice his feelings, no exception.


What is interesting about this story is that as Juli grow older, and with the help of her father’s teaching, she starts to realize that the feeling she has for Bryce may not be that deep after all.


Richard Baker: You have to look at the whole landscape.
Juli Baker: What does that mean?
Richard Baker: A painting is more than the sum of its parts. A cow by itself is just A cow. A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun picking through the trees, is just a beam of light. But you put them all together and it can be magic.

Juli used to look at Bryce as a boy with dazzling eyes. For years, they never really talked. They never really knew each other. The ‘Bryce’ Juli has been in love with was the ‘Bryce’ that she see, not the real ‘Bryce’. After many events, Juli starts to consider Bryce as a whole. And she realized that, just like how a painting is more than a sum of its parts, there are more to Bryce than those dazzling eyes and smiles.


Then it was that moment that she also realize that maybe it was her who expect Bryce to be more than a sum of his parts, when he was actually less. That other than his eyes and his smiles, nothing else about him is good.

Family movie?

Apart from being a very nostalgic movie, Flipped has a sub-plot on addressing family issues. My favorite scene is when Bryce started to realize that maybe his father was a coward too, and that after all those times copying his father’s behavior, he also becomes one as well.


You can never understand a person…

After finishing this movie, something struck me. I realized that it is totally impossible to understand someone without really getting to know that person. And in some cases, that is not even enough! The point is that in this world everyone has different thoughts, opinions, and stories. In the same situation, there can even be a different side of the story. So for us to coexist happily, we need to put down our prejudice?

What can I say….we should stop looking at the cover or the summary on the back, and start reading that damn book. Only then could we rightfully judge that book.



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