How important is music?

There is a famous phrase in Thai that goes

‘A man who cannot appreciate music has been living wrongly.’
(ชนใดไม่มีดนตรีกาล ในสันดาลเป็นคนชอบกลนัก)

This phrase elaborates how essential music and sounds are to human society.

But most important of all, music and sounds are vital to movies. Soundtracks are as important to a movie as the script, cast, and locations.

In some epic and memorable movies, just a tune of their soundtracks could ignite the scenes and feelings from that particular movie.

Just like in this clip, 007, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, the Pirates of the Carribean and many other cartoons have one thing in common, memorable theme songs.

And it’s undeniable that those theme songs are the heart of the movie. They are what’s left in us after we walk out the theater.

And yes, some movies can survive without theme songs or memorable soundtracks but that result in a lack of emotional connection with the audience.

Marvel movies or other movies after the 2000s might be able to survive with a marvelous script and blockbuster-magnet casts, as well as the hardcore fan base. However, without any emotional connection, the movies wouldn’t be able to survive in audience’s memory in a long term.

For me, I’m starting to forget what happened in the first Avengers movie already, but I can still remember the Shire and all those beautiful scenes from The Lord of the Rings which I last watched like 7 years ago.

So if I have to list my top favorite movies of all time, it would be Harry potter and The lord of the rings. And I think half of the reasons why is due to Hedwig’s Theme and Sound of The Shire and other wonderful soundtracks in my head.

What about you?
What are your favorite and most memorable soundtracks?



3 thoughts on “How important is music?

  1. Finally a post I can disagree with. At least on a personal level. I never watched Lord of the rings (well I tried but I fell asleep) or Harry Potter (just not interested) so I can already say they are certainly not on top of my list.

    007 always has memorable theme songs, Pirates was cool, mission impossible is cult. But the one that still gives me goose bumps is Star Wars. Besides that I also still love the Indiana Jones themes and, to also name something more recent, Deadpool of course. I’m glad that movies still use themes and songs to be distinctive since lots of TV shows seem to forget about memorable intros these days.


    • Why do you think I haven’t watch TLOTR for so many years even though I love them?
      Certainly agree on Star Wars though. It’s totally on my top list. Deadpool is awesome too, not to mention Guadian of the Galaxy! Although the songs are quite old… I mean not so recent. hahaha.


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