Naomi & Ely’s no kiss list

I have been writing about many serious movies lately, so I think I should go back to romance this week. But of course, it won’t be like any other romantic movies.


“Some friendships are so important,
You’d do anything to make them last.”

But keep in mind!, Naomi and Ely’s no kiss list is about a more elevated kind of love that would make you see relationships a whole new way.

In summary:ne04

Naomi and Ely have been best friends forever. Their parents, who used to be best friends too, stopped hanging out when Ely’s mom had an affair with Naomi’s dad. Living on the same floor for all their lives, Naomi and Ely are practically twins. In order to not repeat their parents’ history, they created the ‘No kiss list’ for the person they share affection for.

“It is the official insurance against Naomi and Ely breakup. Friendship where we never fight over guys is a friendship that lasts forever.”

Even though this film seems to depict just a stereotypical teenage relationship, it leaves a far more meaningful message than that.


Love and Friendship

Naomi and Ely’s friendship is truly remarkable. Throughout the film, we can clearly see the effort the two of them have made in order to sustain their relationship. And since the biggest model of failed relationship for them is of their parents, they are determined not to be the same.

But being too close sometimes is bad. They behave as if they are a twin, that’s why they have identical taste in everything –including men.

“Do you know how much easier my life would be
if Ely noticed my looks in the
‘wow, Naomi’s boner hot,’ way and not in the
‘those stilettos I picked out for Naomi are great,’ way?”


However, no matter how pure they friendship appears to be, the audience can never miss the way Naomi looks at Ely. That’s not the way friend looks at another friend at all. And this could just be like any other falling-in-love-with-my-best-friend movies, if not for the fact that “Ely is gay”.

And I think that’s what hurts Naomi the most. Not because of what’s going to happen. Not because of the betrayal, but because she has to come to term with the reality. She has to accept the fact that she and Ely are never getting married.

Friends are someone you can trust.

I really like the idea of the ‘No kiss list’. I am even considering making one for me and my best friend since we share the same taste in many categories too. Luckily we have totally different taste in men.

Nonetheless, this film got me thinking about relationships. Why is it that the one of the biggest reason why friendship fails is because they fancy the same person?

“I think it was…losing her marriage to a woman she called friend.”

It’s understandable that people wouldn’t be able to continue the relationship due to the sense of betrayal. And since friendship is supposed to be a relationship with unconditional love, one should hope for his or her friends to be happy with their lives.

I think what I want to say is that friendship, like other relationship, is based on trust. And if that trust is ever broken, nothing can ever be the same.

Variations of the same love


May be it was a perfect timing that this movie came to me when I was having trouble with my friends, and GOD, it really helped me.

“It’s bullshit to think of friendship and romance as being different. They’re not. They’re just variations of the same love, variations of the same desire to be close.”

This film’s main message is about love.

And at some point in our lives, we have to understand that there is more than one kind of love in this world.

There are wide ranges of love with different kind of relationships. But no matter how different those relationships are, the love part is still the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic love, family love, puppy love, or friendship love. Love is love. Love is the desire to be close to someone and wanting that person to be happy.


And if we just focus on the relationship, we might get distracted from the more important essence in life,

which is…..the joy of being in love.

“It’s a total lie to say there’s only one special person you’re gonna be with for the rest of your life.
If you’re lucky…and if you try really hard…
there will always be more than one.”



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