Paddington:A search for home

After days of grieving, I found myself needing some sort of warmth to cure this depressing phase. Some would say any entertaining content should be avoided, but I feel like there are too many tear-jerking articles on the internet right now that some heart-warming content in necessary for the mental well-being of everyone.

There are many warm-hearted movies out there, but none of them warm my heart as much as this movie, Paddington.

“How do you do? I’m just looking for a home.”paddington-bear

It’s a story of one Peruvian bear on an adventurous quest from the Darkest Peru to London to find ‘home’. And in his search for home, he and the audience have learned the true meaning of ‘family’.

The Brown family found him sitting lonely at the underground train station and decided to take him in for a night. Mrs. Brown also gave him an English name, Paddington.

This film will impress you with many thoughts but most of all it’s that every home should have a marmalade day!

Forgetting how to treat strangers.

Paddington traveled the world with his aunt, Lucy’s promise that “They will not have forgotten how to treat strangers.”  However, Lucy’s knowledge of the outside world seems a little bit not updated. Or maybe it’s because our generation has grown less and less civilized.

I, personally, have no idea why, when and how we have become this way. But gradually, with the technology and the importance of finance, people have turned cold to one another. ‘Turn the other cheek’ would be the phrase appropriated for 21 century’s preferred socializing ways.


Even though humans are supposed to be social animals, we have changed into a more selfish kind of race. People won’t care about anything that won’t affect them. This is the scary world we live in now. The world Paddington is not prepared for.

Responsibility changes people

One of the points in this film specifies how Mr. and Mrs. Brown was such a wild couple before their first child.  Like every young people, they enjoy risks, party, music, and adventure. And although they have promised each other that nothing would change that characteristic of them, everything changed with their first child born.


Mr. Brown turns into this calculative and boring father who always stress over little things. Mrs. Brown has also changed into one normal housewife. If the two weren’t talking about their old days, the audience would not possibly imagine that they could live that way in the past.

This is the same for many families. Children accuse their parents of being boring and paddingtonstairs1strict. Some say their parents don’t understand them. Some even protest against their parents.

What most of us don’t understand is that our parents are normal human like us. There were times when they used to be like us too. But we change them. We are the reason they started thinking of responsibility, making life plans and stop playing around.

So before complaining about our parents –next time, try to understand them and imagine what they have to let go… in order to take care of us.

What it’s like to be home.


“It’s hard to see where a bear could ever belong
in such a strange, cold city.”

Not any house or any place that you stay in can be considered a home. As the film put it, “A home is more than the roof over your head.” There is this one specific thing about a home which is the feeling of comfort, love, and warmth.

The sense of belonging. That’s what makes a proper home.

No matter how much the Browns try to deny it, they need Paddington as much as he needs them. Paddington helps recall the youthfulness of Mr. and Mrs. Brown and also glues this family together. The Browns also care for Paddington very much.

This family-love based relationship between Paddington and the Browns is what really make Paddington’s home.

And all the audience is glad and thankful for Paddington to find one loving home. Because that symbolizes the hope that everyone has equal chances of a happy ending.


“everyone is different,
and that means anyone can fit in.”


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9 thoughts on “Paddington:A search for home

      • Lol. You’re so hip! I assume it was a vegan fro-yo ;p

        Even though it’s sad times the overall feeling seems like a feeling of unity. I’ve been to Sanam Luang today (Tha Prachan campus) and people seem to be very helpful (well besides the taxi drivers who try to increase the fares unreasonably and the people who increase black shirt prices), open and show that sense of increased togetherness.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I don’t think it’s that peaceful and united at all. The late King has always told us to love each other, but somehow we can’t seem to get that right. I know people look united and peaceful on TV, but if you follow #ล่าแม่มด (means witch hunt), you might learn something sad.
    This past week, there has been a witch hunt issue going on. We hurt each other. This is too sad.
    People, for some reason, associate how people mourn with the identity of that person. They judge a person’s ethics just by whether they wear black or not. If Thai people can’t learn to respect other people’s rights, I don’t think we can have real democracy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good point. I saw lots of news about that which reminds me a bit of the past of my home country. Also shared some stories over there on mythaiorg fb. That’s sad indeed. The overall feeling that I got around Sanam Luang (the volunteers, etc.) was still positive though. The fact that people use this situation to show that they feel superior to others just because they mourn differently is indeed rather troubling. The problem also lies in the way how ‘role models’ act. If they condone such behavior, ‘normal’ people will feel encouraged to act like that (again, just like back then in our country).

      I saw people getting beaten up, arrested, slapped, etc…which is quite unsettling but I do hope that mass of Thai people doesn’t agree with that behavior and will have love and togetherness prevail. If we don’t believe in the good of the people, how else should it become a reality?


  2. I believe it is. I read lots of teachings by the Dalai Lama and others and while I don’t consider myself very religious I do believe that showing compassion and doing good are contagious.


  3. Watch this once. I totally agree. The movies gives that warm warm feel you wish for when you’re feeling down. Paddington himself is indeed a very messy bear but yet cute in someways. I will watch it again to cheer myself up! thanks for the perfect analysis. Shall we have a marmalade day? 😛


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