Tomorrowland:Where hopes define future

The film comes with a futuristic theme and strong message about how important it is to dream. Apart from amazing computer graphic and wonderful world-building, Tomorrowland will inspire you to be the change in this society.tumblr_ndens8oqqn1rf73xqo1_500

Based on the futuristic ride in Disneyland, comes a great fantasy with an ideal world of Tomorrowland in another dimension of time and space. It is hidden away from normal people where only scientists and innovators live together trying to come up with new innovations for the world.

In brief:

Sadly, even innovators decided to give up on Tomorrowland and that it is hopeless to try to change the future. A harmless girl named Athena, who was later revealed that she is an AI robot, set out on a mission to find new tmrw2
inspiring young minds who hasn’t given up yet. She found Casey and gave her one weird small pin which will be the key to Tomorrowland. Athena believes that as long as people haven’t given up, the future can always change. With the help of an ex-scientist, Frank Walker, the three of them went on a quest to change the future.

Future is scary

From the start, the film has established the sense of hopeless tomorrow. There are so many conflicts and disasters in this world that it is deemed unreasonable and impossible to try to do something to improve it.

“The future can be scary. Unstable governments,
over-population, wars on every continent, famine, water shortages,
environmental collapse…”


However, as the film progresses, the one thing the audience realized is that the world’s situation is entirely up to a person’s perspective. While Frank goes on and on about how sad and desperate the society is, Casey can always look for the positive side.

Which brings us to the main plot of the story, it doesn’t matter if the world is facing its ending or not. What matters is that people start to give up on the world


All the scientist and innovators got discouraged when one particular machine was built to see into the past and the future. Once the future is presented to be over, everyone left Tomorrowland. It is not a Tachyon machine that shows the scary future, but it’s people giving up on tomorrow that really lead the world to the end.

Future used to be different.

We don’t need any tachyon machine in this world to lose hope. Actually, every one of us has our on tachyon machine. It’s called growing up.

The same goes for most people. As they grow older, their heart dies a little and their dreams vanished with time. Our dreams got replaced by the word ‘common sense’, ‘money’, and ‘stable life’. We become too fixated with the result and function of things that we neglect the possibilities.


I really like the scene where Nix confronted the young Frank about the function of a jetpack to the society. He answered that it would inspire people. When they see people flying in the sky, they would think anything is possible.
And that is true!

All we need is inspirations. Something to feed us hopes. As long as we continue trying, the future can’t be so bad. Right?.


“Every day is the opportunity for a better tomorrow.”

Even though the message from this film is a bit too idealistic for most people, it really inspires me. With this inspiration, it makes me believe that anything is just a dream away.

It is important to dream. Because if we give up on dreaming, there will be no tomorrow.



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One thought on “Tomorrowland:Where hopes define future

  1. I’ve watched this movie a while ago but after reading your review It changed some of the thoughts I had about the movie. You have a brilliant way of critisizing it. I really agree with you how the world is changing, conflicts,violations of the environment are happening continuously and that we need someone with hope to change how things are. It made me think back to our faculty GSSE. They are trying to teach us to be changemakers in the society but us kids alone, it wont be possible to work will it? Yes, Dreams are great things, perhaps that plus with a little bit of cooperation. Maybe things will be better. Thanks for the review! looking forward to your next one! Keep up the good work!


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