Chappie:A black sheep machine

Not many A.I. movies can bring you to tears. Chappie won’t just make you cry but would also make you question humanity.



In brief:

In the near future, the governments of many countries have turned to machines for peacekeepers, soldiers, and workforces. Deon, the programmer who built the currently used version of police machines, has been developing an A.I. interface but got refused by
the company. chappie_2015_movie-pngUnexpectedly, Deon got kidnapped by one gangster group –Ninja, Yolandi, and Amerika, who order him to reprogram the police robot to be on their side. Deon saw an opportunity and put the A.I. program in one of the broken police robots he stole. He named it, Chappie.


Through thick and thin, the audience got to witness the development of Chappie’s intelligence and ended up falling in love with Chappie himself.

An A.I. machine is as pure as a baby.

The film does not portray artificial intelligence as bad and scary thing like other movies in the same genre. While most robots in films nowadays are written to be a bad guy, Chappie was portrayed to be as innocent as possible. This change the way I feel about A.I. as well.
1251623 - Chappie

Anything with consciousness simply wants to survive. Regardless of their action or appearance, the end goal is all the same. That is why A.I. is no different than human.

In Thailand, there was a saying that goes ‘A child is like a clean white sheet.’ which means every child is born innocent and unbiased. The surrounding and environment is like ink, dirt or anything that would dirty that white sheet. If the surrounding is clean, the sheet remains clean.


“He’s like a child. He has to learn.”

Just like human-baby, newly born A.I. is innocent and eager to learn. If we teach that A.I. to be good, it will be. If the society teaches that A.I. to be bad, it will eventually turn bad too.

The unknown is always scary.

Unlike any other robots with artificial intelligence that resemble human, Chappie reminds me of my dog. When it comes down to personality, Chappie is more like an innocent, loyal and loving dog, rather than a human-like machine.


Despite Chappie character, I still hold the same feeling towards other A.I. that they are scary. I only love Chappie because I get to know his story and learn that he is good.

Isn’t this the same with people?

It’s impossible to know everything about other people like they are movie characters. We can only know the parts they allow us to see. So, we can never judge whether that person is good or bad just by those parts that we see.2

But we do. We judge people.

We judge others because we don’t know everything about them and that scares us. Like darkness, there is something scary about not knowing something.
It makes us insecure.

What if I tell you that being scared of the unknown is such a waste of your time? It’s okay to not know something. Getting to know people is a lot simpler than that. Everyone has some good sides and bad sides. Remember that! It’s impossible for a person to have only good sides anyway.

Artificial Intelligence is too unpredictable.

That is the lamest excuse human has ever pulled in order to destroy A.I. Human is unpredictable too! We don’t fear A.I. because they are unpredictable but because they are smarter than us. Because we cannot understand them, we fear we would lose control over them.


 “People are always fearful of something they don’t understand.”

Chappie shows me that humans are actually more terrifying than A.I. Properly trained A.I. will see humans as equal since they thought of themselves as human too. But humans would always see A.I. as different.

“A thinking robot could be the end of mankind!
Destroy that robot. Burn it to ash!”


The scene which children bullied Chappie because they thought Chappie was a police robot was the saddest scene I have ever seen in a robot movie. Children throwing stone, sticks, and fire at an innocent robot, even though he said ‘Please’.

Seriously, human race is so damned right now. I would rather live in an A.I. community

My point is human should not have to fear artificial intelligence. We should focus on how we can nurture and guide those machines to have good consciousness. Most importantly, we should focus on making good human beings with morally correct consciousness first.


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2 thoughts on “Chappie:A black sheep machine

  1. I’ve been watching lots of AI related shows and movies as of late (Westworld comes to mind) and it’s always fascinating to contemplate about why we feel the way we do about certain things. As you rightfully stated we don’t fear unpredictability but that AI simply behaves too reasonable (see skynet in The Terminator). Therefore I like your conclusion that it’s humans that need to re-think their actions. I also like the clean sheet saying. Makes sense. I hope you didn’t get all dirty as of yet.

    Reading your analysis is always one of my fav reads of the week (don’t let that boost your ego too much :p) therefore I have to emphasize on what I said before: keep writing, even after the semester is over!


    • I hope I’m still light gray or some shade in between. I wonder, though, whether everyone’s sheet would turn black in time or not. Like is it certain that when you grow up, you change and adapt to the society and lose who you were?
      I’ve always wanted to do a movie review. but I could not make myself be consistent. I hope so too that I will continue doing this even after the semester end.


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