Black Swan:A girl’s path to Maturity

If you know Swan Lake from a ballet show or a Barbie movie, you might still have the image of cute and innocent love story in mind. Too bad that Black Swan is not just another ballet story.


It’s a story about growing up. It’s about overcoming your boundary. It’s about breaking free. It’s about breaking all the rules and still remain who you are. This is not a musical or art-based genre, Black Swan is a Psychological – Thriller.

In summary:

The story revolves around the protagonist, Nina. She is an amazing, perfectionist Ballet dancer. Finding herself “too perfect” to dance as the ‘Swan Queen’ part, she needs to get over her innocence and anxiety to get the part. Through many challenges, the most petrifying thing she has to overcome is her own mind. Nina learns to grow out of a perfect baby girl and embraces her inner Black Swan.

Sometimes perfection isn’t the answer

Some of us aren’t so different from Nina. We endorse perfection. Me personally love being perfect. Not that I would get anything from it, but it just makes me feel like I have tried my best already.tumblr_mkzzm4wwbt1rijbg1o1_500

Of course! One of the great effects of that is we don’t know how to lose ourselves. I have many friends coming up to me and said that I need to relax. It’s not like I don’t know how to, but I just like living with patterns. That is truly dangerous.

Living life always competing against an invisible enemy is just not healthy.

“If that was only casting the White Swan, she’d be yours.
But I’m not.  Now show me your Black Swan, Nina.”

Just like how Thomas told Nina that her dance is too perfect for a Swan Queen, many of us would face that situation in our lives where people tell us we are too uptight or try too much.


DON’T let that get into your head! Don’t be like Nina. Seriously! It’s healthy to learn how to relax. Everyone should know how to have fun and let go of their own boundaries. For that is what makes a happy life. Not your perfect achievements but the fun parts.

“Perfection is not just about control. It is also about letting go.
Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience.
Transcendence. Very few have it in them.”


Sweet girl’s expectation

Most people, not just girls, have these set of expectations that they are born with. Some role that they have to live up to. Some character that they have to force themselves into.
With all the rules and expectations, people put on the role of their ‘White Swan’. A perfect and innocent White Swan.

However, the White Swan is just a role. It’s not mature. A White Swan cannot survive in this scary world. In order to exist in the real world, 6d7d589a0ac71f02fb098d602c8e8be5everyone should know how to channel both their White Swan and Black Swan. A wise balance between Vice and Virtue is essential for maturity.

Those who suppress their Black Swan self for too long tend to be taken over and lost their real selves. This is real life. Miley? Justin? Good girl gone bad? Disney girl went mad? Rich boy got spoiled? It’s not that they are bad people. They just got shielded from the real world for too long, their attempts of being mature lead them to the Black Swan self.

They are the victim. Maturity is something that happens over time. It’s not flipping a switch.

True love frees you? NO!

Let’s me recap what Swan Lake is about. It’s about a girl who got trapped in a swan body. She can only be free from the Swan body with a true love. She fell in love with a man. But before she could express her love, her evil twin took her place and tricked the man. She was sad that the man cannot remember her, jump off the cliff to die. In her death, she becomes free.

It’s basic fairy tale story. We have grown up with that. The logic that we have to live our lives to find one true love and then we will be happy. It’s like we are programmed that our goal in life is love.


This is not a fairy tale. This is real life. Just like the White Swan, she discovers that true love is not the only thing that can free her, but she was too late.

Love is not everything. Yes, love might be nice. It might fulfill your emotional gap, but it’s certainly not everything. It’s not an ultimate goal. Life is more than that. And if you cannot understand that, you could live your life every day being miserable.

Make your own goals, work hard for them, and don’t forget to relax and have fun. That’s how you should live your life…


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2 thoughts on “Black Swan:A girl’s path to Maturity

  1. I’m glad you don’t try to be perfect while being in my class….
    …and I’m even happier that you’re one of the few people who knows when I’m joking!

    Seriously though. Good review of the essence of the movie. It took me rather long to accept that to be honest. The movie itself is rather freaky I’d say, at least for me. I do have a question now though. How do you get yourself to ‘loosen up’?


    • That’s so sad! I’m sure if the others were listening, they would find it funny too..I guess?
      and I’m like the last person you should be asking about how to have fun. Seriously. My idea of having fun is sitting in front of my laptop, watching movies, series, dramas or be on the internet. Boring-fun 🙂
      But I think it can be anything. Anything that can make you laugh and smile. Usually, something that can make you feel heartwarming is the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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