Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

If you are told that in three-week time the asteroid will hit this Earth and everyone is going to die, what would you do?


This kind of questions isn’t usually asked, right? It’s not a common conversation starter at all. But after watching this film, I feel like this question would be able to tell a lot about a person. If you really want to know a person, ask them what they would do if they know the World is ending.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, in my opinion, contains more life lessons more than any other similar post-apocalyptic movies.


In short:

The movie starts with a broadcast on the radio about the asteroid seeking-friend-end-world-trailernamed Matilda which will hit Earth in exactly 3 weeks and everyone will die. Dodge’s wife leaves him immediately and he find himself being super lonely at the end of the World. After Penny, his neighbor, gave him all the letters from his first love that were delivered to her room, Dodge decides to go on a quest to find his sweetheart for the last time. Penny who really wants to see her family in England again joins his trip. And the two learn what it’s like to not be alone at the end of the World.

Dilemma of life

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World shows us how disastrous it is to know the future, especially if the future is bad. People often say ‘If only I know this is going to happen…’ or ‘If I could turn back time, I won’t do this…’ but the truth is being able to foreknowledge the problem won’t really change anything. It would make things worse. If future is certain, knowing about it or not won’t change the future itself.


Like if someone tells you you’ll only have three months left to live, you would feel devastated, right? It’s bad enough that you have to die. You know one day you’ll have to die. But knowing when exactly you will die creates suspense and the sense of hopelessness.

If you are trapped in the same situation as our protagonists, what would you do? Everything else becomes meaningless. Why bother trying when you will die for sure. That kind of feelings is bound to come up.

Now let’s visit my new favorite conversation starter one more time.

What would you do if you know
the World is ending in exactly 3 weeks?


Possibility number one: Living the same old life

Everyone continue their lives the way they used to be. Well, you know. If you know that you are going to die anyway. There is no point of trying to do anything. There is no point of being alarmed or scared. This is more of a fantasy possibility. In real life, people can’t be that calm. Have you seen 2012? Even the Tibetan monks fight for their lives!


Possibility number two: Completely psycho breakdown

This is also what happened in the film. When everyone knows the End is near, no one cares about rules or laws anymore. Riots! It’s like the purge! People fight, steal, and hurt each other. I don’t know if that’s for fun or it’s their secret desire or something, but it’s kind of rational.

When you are in that situation, the state of nature will revisit our civilization once again. Everybody fights for their own survival. There are no friends. Everyone is enemy. And some will be just crazy enough to go on a killing spree. No one cares. If you are all going to die anyway, getting arrested or killed means nothing.


Possibility number three: Fulfill the bucket list

Everyone has that, don’t they? Something you want to do before you die. Now, in time like this film, most people are going out to pursue their bucket lists. That’s like the only way they can die in peace. Even me. I think if I’m in the same situation, I would go all the way to do want I wish to do before it’s too late too.

If you really ask people, I think the majority of the answers would be the third possibility. And that really bother me. Why are there so many people with unfulfilled dreams?

To be honest, really few people in this world already have everything they want. Most of us are still trying to reach the moon.


Even though this is the most common possibility, it’s not the way to face the End of the World. This is not a peaceful last 3 weeks of anyone’s life.

The only way to remain calm in the time like this is to live your life without regret.

We all need to understand that everyone has limited time. Although it’s not just 3 weeks, everyone is bound to die at some point. Death is inevitable. Why don’t we spend the limited time of our lives doing what we really want to do?

Live with the now, not the future.

Finds out what is truly important and makes you happy, AND don’t wait to do it!


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