Love is all you need?

I would like to begin by stating my apology. I know I’ve been away for a long time due to the college’s workloads. I finally found some free time during my internship and hope I could return to the old schedule of posting once every week.

The movie I’m going to talk about today is called ‘Love is all you need?’
Just like its name, the movie is trying to raise the question whether ‘love’ is the only thing we need or not. Or is there something more important than love?


Based on the short film of the same name, the movie takes place in an imaginary world where certain social norms are different. It is only right for people with the same sex to be a couple. Male with male and female with female only. Homosexuality becomes a norm and heterosexuality is not accepted. As the number of heterosexual couples increases, the religious people are becoming more and more violent.

Romeo and Julio


In this alternate universe, even love stories are different. When one teacher in the movie decided to change ‘Romeo and Julio’ to ‘Romeo and Juliet’, people are not pleased. When the thing that seems to be normal to us turn to be a sin in the movie, you can’t help but question the reality. When the love story that we all know turns to be a taboo, it becomes clear that there is something wrong.


“But isn’t our love the same as theirs?”

Then we would hear people say that it doesn’t matter who it is. The name and gender don’t make any difference. At the end, if two people are in love, that is supposed to be a good thing. But is it?

But is it?

Is love really all we need? Is it true that we don’t need to care about the society or other things -as long as we have love? Is love reasonable enough to transcend everything else?

In reality, that is not the case at all. Love is not that powerful.

And I don’t mean it in an offending way. I’m not against any kind of love. I, too, believe that all love is the same and deserves acceptance and recognition. But not everyone thinks like this. In the end, human beings are social animals. We desire the acceptance from the society we are in. And in some society, love is not everything. So before we can tell the next generations that ‘love is all you need’, we should start by making sure that all society has the same mindset toward love.

Different does not mean wrong.

What is the difference between the things society accept and the things that are considered weird? The answer is nothing.

They are all just socially constructed perspective. Right and wrong are separated by just a thin line. It is essential for everyone to understand that ‘what is right’ in our perspective might be wrong to others. Likewise, the things that we considered wrong are not always wrong.


Just like how this movie depicts how homosexuality is just as normal as heterosexuality. Same-sex love is just as pure as any other kind of love. Just a simple switch in the social norms and people’s perspective can turn the reality upside down. Isn’t that scary?

People who have different mindsets or behave differently are not always bad people. But if you fail to understand this, then you’ll never know love.



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